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my solo games odyssey: The d6 Shooters

When I said that there’s no game that does anything quite like D-Day Dice, I may have misspoken.

That’s in no way meant to suggest that The d6 Shooters comes anywhere near DDD in complexity or fun or chrome. But it does trip some of the same triggers in my brain when I play it.

This one has never been published, and is fully available to Print and Play. I raided my copy of Perudo to get the dice. There are two scenarios out there, and they play pretty differently from each other. Long Road to Reno is the version I had played before, and it’s a bit of a slog. Unless you’re brand new to this type of game, I’d suggest skipping it. Ghost Town Showdown, terrible pop culture references aside, is a much more enjoyable version.

Your goal is to reach Hoodia by the 30th day (1 day = 1 roll). Once you get there, you have to survive a final showdown. I played twice, and got to the showdown both times.

The first time through, I only had one member of my posse left, versus fourteen bad guys. I lost the second I crossed into Hoodia.

The second time through, I did a little better. However, a few feet from entering Hoodia, one of my posse members revealed that was a bad guy in disguise. I blame him for the fact that I lost again, although I made it a little further into the fight.

It’s fun, I guess. There are choices to make throughout. It’s a pretty thematic game, for a bunch of dice. (although the Ennio Morricone I played in the background probably helped.) And the black/red/white dice mechanics are pretty cool. But I couldn’t muster up the energy/interest to try a third time.

So I’ll accept my zero points and mosey on over the the Decathlon in Reiner Knizia’s backyard.

The d6 Shooters points: 0

Running TWIP: 1047



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