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my solo games odyssey: Decathlon

Another game by Reiner Knizia. Reiner Knizia is the German Sid Sackson. By which I mean: The guy has designed a billion games.

Decathlon is one of those games, but it’s maybe not the game he’ll be most remembered for. I’m just guessing here.

The rules are on his website, so feel free to download them and get eight dice and have at it. It’s light fare. The only time I’ve played it with other humans was at a cabin in Minnesota, which is maybe the most perfect setting anywhere for this game. 

Basically, it’s ten dice-driven mini-games. Each one is supposed to emulate a decathlon event.

"Emulate" may be a strong word. Maybe, "each one is printed next to the name of a decathlon event," would be more appropriate.

I played two rounds today. My worst event was the shotput, which I scored a big fat zero in both times. My 1500-meter kicked some ass, though.

If you can make out my terrible handwriting (you can’t), you’ll see that I scored a sweet 218 points overall. PUT ‘EM ON THE BOARD!

Decathlon score: 218

Running TWIP: 1265

BY THE WAY: An excellent two-player Knizia game, Lost Cities, came out on iOS a coupla weeks ago. I highly recommend it. Super slick implementation. 



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