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my solo games odyssey: The Game of Shakespeare

Well, they can’t all be AMAZING.

The Game of Shakespeare is one of several games that I bought hoping My Lovely Wife would learn to play games with me, if only I could find the EXACT RIGHT GAMES to bring her into the hobby.

This plan has not worked. I understand now that some people like games, and My Lovely Wife does not. I get it now.

Anyway, that’s why I own this game.

It’s a trivia game, basically. A roll-and-move trivia game. 

I don’t like trivia games. I hate roll-and-move games. But I’m an actor and a nerd, so I have to kind of shrug at a Shakespeare-based-game, rather than dismiss it immediately.

There’s really not much to say, except that it will shock no one who knows me that I performed very poorly in this little exercise.

The rules say that getting 100 points labels you a, “Master Thespian.”

I had 37 points.

Here’s one example of how stupid I am.

One quote who’s play (5 points) or genre (2 points) I had to identify:

"The course of true love never did run smooth."

I guessed Romeo & Juliet, or, and I quote from myself speaking out loud to no one, “at least a tragedy.”

It’s from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A comedy. Which you probably knew, as a person who is alive and conscious.

How the hell I survived any schooling is beyond me.

The Game of Shakespeare score: 37

Running TWIP: 1891



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